English For Kids is an organization dedicated to teach and develop the necessary skills in English in a warm and original way to children from 3 to 11 years old. We maintain high quality standards and qualified staff. Our goal is to encourage the English language learning in a fun way, using games, music and other activities, like the use of technology, as part of our educational program.


Our mission is to offer the Latin American and European market an educational model in which preschool children can learn English as a second language while having fun, using technological tools and online teaching methods.


Position ourselves as leaders in the educational market as a successful model in teaching the English language to preschool children.

Our Values

Passionate about children’s world, education and languages, the English For Kids brand contributes to a better world, fostering a more complete childhood so the kids can be happier and know how to choose the right path.

Our History

efk linea del tiempo

We opened our first center in 1999 in Caracas, Venezuela. Our company emerges as a family initiative to enter into the Venezuelan English educational market.

The curriculum and content of the classes were designed by our founders. A traditional teaching method was used at the beginning: including books, notebooks and didactic materials to develop a calendar of activities that gave space to recreation and learning through  games. Over time, we evolve our educational techniques by investing in a learning software with lessons and study programs designed to offer a fun, interactive and friendly English language learning system.

At English For Kids we are constantly looking to deliver the best service to our customers. Over the years we have expanded in order to reach more people. From our beginnings in Venezuela to the opening in Spain, we have traveled an exciting path. We now have five franchises: EFK Tahona, EFK Macaracuay, EFK Boyera, EFK Valencia and EFK Gorraiz.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that English For Kids is “The place where you can have fun and learn”. Taking this into consideration, the afternoons of your kids will be full of several activities focused in your child’s development, with classes taught entirely in English.

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