Our staff dedicates and strives to make a positive mark in the life of our students. We hire professionals with proven experience in children education.

Our team of professional educators and college students interested in Early Childhood, Elementary and Modern Languages programs,  have exceptional skills, commitment to every student development, and sensitivity to their needs.Teachers, known for their experience in the area in which they are instructed, direct each of our programs. Our staff encourages students to reach their full potential through an exciting, safe, and supportive environment.

We constantly offer a helping hand and give our students the confidence to prove new activities. We encourage the kids to learn, grow, trust in their abilities, and believe in themselves.

Above all, our staff has the determination and dedication to make a difference in the children’s lives. There is something unique about EFK staff that makes our students come back every year. It is more than just fun. It is more than learning. It is a special bond between the staff and the kids.

Our students learn from the best!