Over 15 years of proven success.
Established business model.
System support.
Continuous support and training.
Simple and easy business model.

What we look for?


Solid commitment to the brand to ensure the proper development of your franchised unit.


Optimism and energy that can be translated to the center’s activities, the kids and their parents.


That inspire their teams, and will be able to enrich the English For Kids network.


who have the will to create their own business, and are motivated for languages, education and children’s environment.

Becoming an EFK Franchisee


  • Review of your application and final approval by EFK Master Franchise.


  • Schedule and participate in a meeting between EFK Master Franchise and future Franchisee.

  • Sign a document regarding your intentions of purchasing  the EFK Franchise.

  • Evaluation.

  • Payment of the entrance fee.

  • Presentation and evaluation of the market studies.

  • Center’s installation

  • Pre- opening training of the staff.

  • Materials order.

  • Assistance and follow up.

  • Getting the website ready to start.

Business Model


English For Kids provides a business model to its franchisees that includes the EFK Know How, manuals and training. We cover marketing and customer service support as well as operation follow up.

Each Franchise has an exclusive assigned area in which it can advertise and develop strategies for student´s recruitment.

Master Franchise

This business model is designed to help the master franchisee manage and grow their own franchises or the ones who are granted to others in a wide territory. In this way, the expansion of English for children in a country or region is promoted, with support from the EFK Headquarters.

We include manuals, the know how and the necessary trainings to achieve success.

A market study is carried out in the area to assess the extent to which this expansion takes place.

The selection of possible sub-franchisees is done with the support of  EFK Headquarters